Balay Negrense Silay City Garden Wedding: Timeless Love

Balay Negrense Silay City Garden Wedding: Timeless Love

The lanterns add to the ambiance of the gardens, creating a magical atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic stroll or a quiet moment of reflection.

Overall, the Balay Negrense Night Tour is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers a different perspective on this historic landmark. The lanterns add to the ambiance of the tour, creating aBalay Negrense Silay City Garden Wedding: Timeless Love

Weddings are a celebration of love, commitment, and the start of a new journey. It is a day that every couple wants to be perfect, memorable, and unique. Balay Negrense Silay City Garden Wedding is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the Philippines. It is a place where timeless love stories are celebrated, and memories are made.

Balay Negrense is a heritage house located in Silay City, Negros Occidental.

The house is a testament to the grandeur and opulence of the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. It has been restored and preserved to its original state, making it a popular tourist destination and wedding venue.

The garden of Balay Negrense is a perfect setting for a romantic and intimate wedding. The lush greenery, colorful flowers, and vintage architecture create a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony. The garden can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it ideal for small to medium-sized weddings.

The wedding package at Balay Negrense includes the use of the garden, the bridal suite, and the reception area.

The bridal suite is a spacious and elegant room where the bride can prepare for her big day. It has a vintage feel, with antique furniture and a four-poster bed. The reception area is a covered patio that can be decorated according to the couple’s preference. It is perfect for a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style reception.

The wedding package also includes the services of a wedding coordinator, a photographer, and balay negrense a videographer. The wedding coordinator will assist the couple in planning their wedding, from the ceremony to the reception.